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Do you imagine that together we could rebuild hundreds of coral reefs?

Corals are the source of life in the ocean, they give shelter to more than 25% of sea creatures, and more than 1 million marine species depend on them.


More than 50% have disappeared in the last 20 years.


If we do nothing to remedy it, we will soon be swimming in a deserted Ocean.

So we decided to get going, but we soon realized that we couldn't do it alone . and for that reason, we decided to propose this to  you:


"If you take a photo with NEA and upload it to your Instagram, we, in return, plant 1 coral on your behalf."

And soon, our dream happened. 

Thousands of people began to join.

You can see all his photos on our Instagram.

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And we started planting corals.


Already a reality and hundreds of people have their coral planted in the crystal clear waters of Samara Bay, in Costa Rica.


Our dream is to plant 1 million corals.