water to protect the Ocean.



Since we were born we had our clear purpose:  


Being a brand that will inspire individuals, companies, brands, protect our ocean and create a positive impact on the environment.



To do this we decided to restore coral reefs

in various damaged parts of the world. 

Providing technology, resources, marketing tools to communities, NGOs and foundations to reach our goals and plant thousands of corals.


Our mission is to raise the impact and capacity of coral reef restoration projects around the world.


Our dream: 

To plant 1 million corals.


We started by being an alternative to plastic bottles where their massive consumption was unsustainable. In events, hospitality, festivals , congresses, catering, vending places where the on-the-go format is still necessary.

If you can consume tap water, and reuse your own waterbottle, do so, that is the most sustainable option.

We soon realized that we wanted to go further. 

Create a real impact. Real. Measurable, scalable.

Something that will leave a mark and transform the world in which we live for the better.

And we started planting corals. 

We actually decided to take it one step further. 

Not only did we create the # 1foto1coral campaign, but we also dedicated our resources, time and passion to supporting different projects of NGOs and Foundations around the world. 

We are partners of Coralive, one of the pioneering foundations in D&R within the world of research and restoration of corals in the world.


In mid-2021, after a pandemic that blocked many of our projects, we began planting corals in the Bay of Sámara, in Costa Rica, together with the Proyecto Corales Foundation . 


The Proyecto Corales Foundation, is the first coral restoration project in Central  America and one of the pioneers in the world, in being directed and executed entirely by the community of Sámara and its inhabitants. It is intended to be a project that serves as an example for many other communities around the world to restore their own coral reefs, autonomously and independently.  

This is why we decided to join them.

Our goal has always been to involve as many people as possible in our mission, so if you want to join us in planting corals , be a channel for your clients to join in, come dive with us on one of our expeditions, or visit our projects, do not hesitate to contact us.

Image by Nariman Mesharrafa

We have already planted hundreds of corals and as you read this, we are probably planting more.